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  • State of the art 1800 sq ft facility and Olympic quality training equipment.
  • Instructors maintain continuing education with national office.
  • Compassionate instructors who care about your goals and advancement.
  • Internationally accredited instructors with black belts in six (6) different arts!
  • Within sport karate our instructors are involved at the highest level at USA Karate (the NGB of Karate in the USA recognized by the US Olympic Committee) even serving on USA Karate Staff.
  • Martial Arts cross training provides for better preparedness in multiple self-defense scenarios

The benefits of joining a martial arts program, especially one as varied as the curriculum at USA Martial Arts are many. However for an in-depth analysis of the benefits as they relate to the different age categories we teach, choose from the following for an in-depth analysis by age group:


Kids (3-7 Yrs)


(8-12 Yrs)


Teens/Adults (13+)