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Submitted by her Mother:

Congratulations to Caeli on receiving her black belt tonight. Caeli was a month shy of turning 4 when she started taking martial arts from Dave. Her dad and I thought it was pretty much a lost cause initially. While the rest of the class was across the dojo doing practice drills, a 4 year old Caeli was blowing herself kisses and flipping peace signs in the mirror while practicing her dance routines oblivious that her classmates had moved across the floor. Her first kata movements were a fascinating hybrid of martial arts and ballet lol. Fortunately, no one gave up and now here she is. Thanks as always to the awesome David Richmond and his martial arts program. Martial arts has made a tremendous difference in 's life and there is no finer program than USA Martial Arts IMO. You will not find a dojo or an instructor who cares more about the students and their progress, nor will you find a better group of parents and students than in this program. You simply can't go wrong.